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The association works towards the development of standardized internal affairs practices that will assist in maintaining community support and the support of each agency's members for the IA mission. The FIAIA seeks to foster cooperation among agencies through the exchange of information and experiences among Internal Affairs Investigators throughout the State of Florida. The association’s goal is to develop and establish uniform professional standards of performance and integrity for Internal Affairs Investigators. Continual efforts are made to supply the members with internal affairs related advanced training and ready access to shared resources. The training will always have an emphasis on Garrity protections, updates to the Law Enforcement and Corrections Officer's Bill of Rights, legal rulings, and any other areas that may have influence on the IA function or practice. Training in the areas of interview and interrogation, case preparation and presentation, and current investigative techniques relating to the internal administrative investigation will also be made available as requested by the members. Questions, concerns, thoughts and suggestions are always welcome and can be forwarded via any of the contact avenues listed on the Contact FIAIA page or the officer links above.

The Florida Internal Affairs Investigators Association is a professional association and NOT an investigative body. We DO NOT investigate citizen complaints. Please direct such matters to your local, state, or federal authorities and not to our web site or mailing address. For a list of authorities refer to the "links" section of this site under the heading "Law Enforcement Links." Thank you.

Florida Internal Affairs Investigators Association
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